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About Pastor Roussel

Evangelist -Pastor /Counselor /Teacher /Mentor & Entrepreneur

Pastor Roussel H. Costume is an Amazing Teacher Mandated to Empower the people with the word of God in order to encourage them to live their best life.
Pastor Costume is a trained evangelist, counselor, teacher and Mentor. He attends many Conferences and Preaches on Kingdom Strategies. Pastor Costume is the Founder of N&N Real Estate LLC. He is viewed as a dynamic speaker, Teacher, articulate orator and a great leader. Pastor Costume quickly assumed various roles of ministry. Pastor Roussel H. Costume, the second oldest son of late L’humanite Costume overseer’s Pastor of the church of Nazarene department of Artibonite in Haiti, received his introduction to ministry in 1997, at the age of 23 from Rogers Avenue Church of God in Brooklyn, New York. A thriving church, located in the heart of what we like to call Brooklyn’s capital (Flatbush) under the Leadership of late Bishop, Doctor Varius Valnord & wife Pastor Rossette Valnord.
EVANGELISM CALL: Pastor Roussel Costume’s ministry was birthed in Brooklyn New York. It was in ...

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About First Lady Dieudonne

Woman of God/Wife /Mother of Two / Community Connection Coordinator

Mrs. Dieudonne Costumé is a native of St Martin,raised in Brooklyn NY. She is a graduate of the College Staten Island where she earned a degree in social work,with a minor in sociology. In her professional career, she is currently a Community Connections Coordinator for the Dauphin County prison in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. She supervise the chaplains and works with a variety of men and women of God ,pastors and volunteers who come in the prison to provide spiritual advice ,counseling and to minister to the prisoners.

Mrs. Costume is truly a humble and faithful witness for Christ. She has a genuine concern for God's people and demonstrates it through her walk-and faithfulness. She is a faithful member of the first Haitian Christian Assembly of Harrisburg (Rccg) where her husband is pastoring. For over 5years, she has devoted herself to support her husband’s ministry by sharing her personal testimony and teaching with other women on how to live their best life and increase their faith. Mrs. Costume has been married for 15 years and is a mother to two children; son Nathanael 12 and daughter Nyla 5.She is excited and joyous as she anticipate what the Good and faithful Lord is going to do in her life next!

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